02 April 2008

Visualizing information: A workshop with Dave Gray and Karl Gude

I am happy to announce that I will be giving two workshops with Karl Gude called Visualizing Information, one on May 2nd in New York and the other on May 7th in Chicago.

Karl was the Graphics Director for Newsweek until recently, when he left to focus on teaching at Michigan State University.

The workshop will focus on information design and information visualization. We'll be looking at techniques that both Karl and I have used to translate complex information into graphics, diagrams, charts and maps.

The content is suitable for business people and any communications professional who is looking to improve their visualization skills.

Karl is a very engaging speaker – he's both informative and hilarious, a rare gift. I am very excited to be working with him.

Right now these are the only two workshops Karl and I are planning to give together, so this may be the only opportunity to see us both in one workshop.

Here's a description of the workshop:

Participants will learn how visual thinking can be used to explore complex information and present it more effectively. This workshop combines high-level design principles with practical applications – rules of thumb and “tricks of the trade” – that professional information designers use to quickly create clear representations from complex or potentially confusing information.

Participants will learn through a series of hands-on exercises, designed to develop their analytical, design and visual thinking abilities. Workshop facilitators Karl Gude and Dave Gray have, collectively, more than 50 years of practical, hands-on experience, creating visual explanations for national news media and multinational corporations.

Topics covered include:
- Introduction to visual language and visual literacy
- Strategies of information design
- Primary methods for organizing both qualitative and quantitative information
- Professional tips and tricks

Your presentations don’t have to be dull and ridden with bullet points. After this workshop you will understand how to explore, organize and visually display information of all kinds, from complex data sets to visual instruction manuals.

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