08 November 2012

What is a connected company?

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Ellen S. said...

Being a connected company (when feasible) makes a lot of sense as you've outlined it here. You keep your eyes on the goal (in your example: solving a service issue) and everyone on the team is aligned toward that goal.
I'm sure you are anticipating the questions of "how?" How does a company shift?
Working in branding, I can't help but think a part starts in branding - taking a look at what the company's purpose in being is - who it wants to be, for whom, how and why. If you can clarify those strategic points and it might help folks be open minded to other options/ways to run operations to achieve those goals rather than the traditional, hierarchical structure.
But, I also have to admit, it still seems like a lot of work. And how do we know it pays off for the company? Clearly it pays off for the person calling in -- but what are the tradeoffs?
I guess I'm still a part skeptic. But definitely intrigued and I'd love to hear more.

Unknown said...

Certainly there are tradeoffs.

My belief is that customers will demand increasing levels of service and when they find that they can get that from another company, they will leave. So the tradeoff as i see it is this:

It may be cheaper to treat your customers poorly. But as soon as someone can treat them better at roughly the same price point, they will go.

Companies that discount the costs customers incur (frustration, time, etc.) in their transactions do so at their peril.

Benito Castro said...


Allan Engelhardt said...

Can’t see the video. Is there another version?

Unknown said...

Sorry Allan, this is the only version.