16 April 2009

Marks and Meaning, v. 0.5

Marks and Meaning, v. 0.5, originally uploaded by dgray_xplane.

Just released version 0.5 of my unbook, Marks and Meaning. You can buy a copy here. Read the warning label!

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benry said...

Cool to see this Dave, but not sure it is worth the price. How about a look inside this unfinished work? Seems like an expensive risk for fans of Dave Gray and XPLANE.

Unknown said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your note! If you click through to Lulu.com you can see some preview pages.

But do you really see this as an expensive risk? I suppose everything is relative.

If you want to lower your risk you can buy the previous version (Version zero) which I have now discounted. It's available here.

I don't believe this book will ever be finished, any more than software is ever finished. I plan to update and improve it indefinitely. So although the book will continue to evolve, the risk of buying an unfinished work will always be there.