25 December 2005

A letter to Friendster

Dear Friendster,

We used to be close, but somehow over the last year or so we have just grown apart.

And then there's these emails you keep sending me:
"Dave, Friendster misses you"
"Dave, Friendster really misses you"
"Dave, check out the all new Friendster"

Well, I have. I have checked out the all new Friendster. And, well, maybe we can be friends some day, but for now it feels a little like you're stalking me.

So I'm breaking up with you.

We had some good times but it's over. Someday if I'm ready to be friends again I will let you know. In the meantime please don't call or write.



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Anonymous said...

I was never close to Friendster, and it would leave me alone either.

Riaz said...

did you get a reply?

Unknown said...

Not yet! But as you have read, I didn't want one.

Riaz said...

hahah... true.

Jordan Clayton said...

check out what ze frank has to say about friendster small world

Unknown said...

Ha! Fantastic!