12 December 2005

Visual thinking school

Joshua Jeffryes' Graphic Design lens inspired me to put visual thinking school on the web:

Visual thinking is about using pictures to solve problems, think about complex issues and communicate more effectively. Are you ready to work on your visual thinking skills? You don't have to be an artist.

The site will be different every time you visit. It's continuously updated via live feeds from the web to bring you the best and most delicious images and links available: visuals to inspire, examples to follow, books to read and things to do, designed to stimulate your imagination and visual thinking.

Update: I got some comments that visual thinking school was content-rich but hard to navigate. Based on the feedback I've decided to roll out one section at a time. Here's the first mini-course.

If you have thoughts or ideas please leave a comment on this post. In the next week or two I will be layering in some hierarchy and structure.

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Anonymous said...

Love it Dave!!!

It would be really helpful if you took us through a sequence that will help us to build our skills, as in:

Class 1: Learn about typography
Class 2: Draw lines
Class 3: Create shapes
Class 4: Sketch icons
Class 5: Construct infographics
Class 6: Add color

Breaking things up into chunks in a sequence like this would help us to be xPlaners in no time!

Unknown said...

Will do Cliff! Check out "sketching" to start.


JJeffryes said...

I like it!

It might be good to have more explaination of what the Visual Thinking School is right there on the sketching lens. I know you have the link (which I clicked on, but Squidoo went kablooey), but why make them go somewhere else to understand what they're looking at now?

Very nice use of flickr.

Oh, and thanks for the call out in your post. Hopefully I'll see you at a Meetup soon.