17 February 2006

Improve the silence

Jerry Michalski recently shared a concept with me, which he learned from Quaker meeting:

"Speak only if it will improve upon the silence."

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Anonymous said...

In French, there is something that goes like this "C'est pas parcequ'on a rien a dire que l'on doit fermer sa gueule". Meaning: "it's not because you have nothing to say that you should shut up". I love the french :)


Having attended a Quaker wedding, I have to say the suspense really gets to you, too. Eventually I said something, and you’re right: I had to make sure it was good, because it would have been pointless to even get up otherwise.

Anonymous said...


Bill Keaggy said...

I've always liked that saying. But maybe it's because I'm not good at talking. ;-)