01 March 2006

Visual thinking camp 2006

Visual thinking camp 2006:
A three-day event in the Bay area.

1. Why is it important?

2. Where will it be?

3. Who will be there?

4. What will we do?

What does it need to be? Let's design it together. Leave a comment on this post -- and join the conversation.

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Anonymous said...

Cool idea, but darn! I was hoping it might be in the Midwest -- everything seems to be on the coasts.

Ben said...

Or come "down under" and enjoy the sun and teach!! I'd love to attend

Unknown said...

Well of course if there is enough interest in a given location we can have it there. Let me know!

Unknown said...

I thought it might be interesting if everyonee cam with a real-life communication challenge that th4ey wanted to work on.

People could come as individuals or a company could send a whole team that would work together.

The idea of convening people who are experts in visual thinking and communication, along with people who have real-life business communication issues, could be a powerful mix.

Unknown said...

Tools you can use
Index cards, sticky notes and paper prototypes
Information mapping
Improving your PowerPoints

HR said...

I really like the idea of brining a real-life communication challenge.

HR said...

And access to a podcast of the event would lessen note-taking concerns.

Anonymous said...

i'm in.

Unknown said...

I have some more thoughts:

The camp is a for-profit event and that means we will need to charge for it. I want to keep the quality high and the numbers low to ensure people get real high-quality attention; that means it won't be cheap.

However, I think there are things we can do to accommodate tighter budgets, for example:

- We could run a "practice camp" in St. Louis where those who want to participate get together and work some things out -- could be fun!

- We could have some kind of arrangement where people who want to volunteer to help with the work of putting on the event get free passes