28 July 2006

The grand-daddy of business visualizations

Shadow, originally uploaded by dgray_xplane.

Yes, the Toronto Globe and Mail has proclaimed me the grand-pappy of business visualizations.

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jay said...

Congratulations, Dave. As you know, I concur. Xplanations are great!

Unknown said...

I also answer to "daddy-o," "gramps," "pops" and "old-timer."


charlene said...

If you're the granddaddy, who's the daddy?

charlene said...

excellent article, by the way...

eAgent said...
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eAgent said...


Dave, ever since you put your visual legos to work, you've given me the perspective (orthogonalistic?) and the impetus to do things just a bit more visually.

Now I can't write a primer for a technology without taking a glance at the latest XPlanation to see if I'm being crisp, being clear.

By the by: You ought to take a visit to Austin, TX one of these days and show your face around Roy Williams' Wizard Academy. It'll blow your mind, and "surprise broca"... an additional element that I firmly believe you'll dig when it comes to transformational information delivery.

Thanks for your amazing contribution.

Mark Alan Effinger