07 August 2006

On the road with Steve Smith

Steve Smith is a local blogger and entrepreneur here in St. Louis. Last week he took me on a drive and since I wanted an excuse to learn about iMovie I decided to videoblog the experience. If you live in or are interested in St. Louis Steve is a fascinating character. Check out his blog for more.

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Anonymous said...

How much is the car? I think i caught a for sale sign subtly reflecting in the windshield.

Excellent editing, killer soundtrack.

Thumbs up.

Unknown said...

It's about $5,000 and totally worth it -- and thanks! :)

Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

Yeah, 5 grand. It is a 79 Lincoln Mark V Continental Bill Blass edition. 110xxx miles, full options, carraige top, new tires, two tone leather interior. Immaculate, excellent shape.

It is located at 3132 S Kingshighway for test drive.

Thanks Dave!!


hebchop said...

Very nice! El Bronco on Cherokee has the best tacos in the world.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Cool video, what's the name of this video's background music? I think it's brazilian song.



Unknown said...

The song is "Gente Que No" by Los Autenticos Decadentes & Todos Tus Muertos

Lolololori said...

When's episode 2?

ps your video link is down!
Here's a working link to the video. :)