12 January 2007

XPLANE Culture Map

XPLANE Culture Map, originally uploaded by dgray_xplane.

Every company has a culture, but it can take time to learn, and the stated culturecan often differ significantly from what people actually experience.

At XPLANE we have created a visual map of our culture, to guide our teams in daily decision making and help them make choices that are consistent with what we stand for and who we want to be.

Click here and roll over the photo for notes that explain the diagram.

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2020 said...

Dave, if all our world leaders operated this way, what a great planet we'd have.

Excellent, and funny too!

Unknown said...


dave davison said...

excellent graphic - and the accompanying annotations on flickr are a good extension. This post led me to the DIAGRAM and the super diagram and gaming illustrations by Adelheide Mers.Do you have contact info for Mers? See my Thoughts Illustrated: DIAGRAM :: Adelheid Mers

Anonymous said...

What an elegant culture map. I define "elegant" in business terms as "simple yet brilliant." XPLANE has captured the complexity of working toward a functional culture in a networked whole that allows us to "think/see" what to do and how to behave. The essence of alignment.

Unknown said...

Thank you Dave and Donna!

Dave, I don't know Adelheid Mars but he is now officially on my "need to know" list!

Anonymous said...


Right this minute my students are creating culture maps in the classroom. We are depicting SIUe's culture or an ideal culture. We are using XPLANE's map as an example. The Maps are AWESOME.