31 July 2007

Slidecasting by Slideshare.net

How to Change the World: Reality Check: Slidecasting by Slideshare.net: "Slidecasting by SlideShare.net enables you to synchronize PowerPoint slides and audio files. To create a slidecast, you upload slides to SlideShare.net. The audio file is hosted anywhere on the web. Then you link the slides and audio by using an online synchronization tool. When you play the slidecast, the audio is streamed from its location and plays with the slides. The service is completely free."

Thanks Guy!

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Anonymous said...

Very useful app.

Thanks Dave.

Menelaos Gkikas said...

I know this signal is very harmonic! Music? Must be enchanting!

Anonymous said...

I missed the books-mags post, but i still wrote my entry.

Saludos David!

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