05 October 2007

VizThink takes off!

VizThink, also known as Visual Thinking School, has been taking off lately. What started as a series of posts on my blog, and an informal get-together at XPLANE, has now blossomed into a series of regular events in Toronto, St. Louis, Portland and Madrid, as well as an international conference that will be kicking off this January.

To support this activity we've got several community sites going:

A Facebook group
, started by Ryan Coleman in Toronto, where you can see and contact all the people who consider themselves members of the community.

An email discussion group, where you can ask questions (For example, how to start your own Visual Thinking School), share best practices and ideas.

A group blog where you can post the results of your VizThink sessions and see what others are doing.

A Flickr group where you can post and view photos of VizThink sessions around the world.

Perhaps most exciting is the first international VizThink event which will be happening this coming January in San Francisco. I'll be doing a workshop there and there's a stellar list of presenters. I am proud to be associated with them and I hope you can join us.

It's not going to be your traditional "speakers on a podium" event. There will be plenty of hands-on workshops and opportunities for open dialogue with the speakers and other attendees.

XPLANE is a sponsor of the event and as such we can offer you a special discount of $100 off the early registration fee. Click here to register and use the code PCX01 (that's P-C-X-Zero-One).

I'd love to see people joining the email discussion group, as I think it may be one of the best ways to get a dialogue going in the community.

Join us!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent work! It seems really exciting! I am Menelaos Gkikas. I am in! Have a nice week!

Anonymous said...

I joined Mauritius!!

Thinkfast4 said...

Finally, there's a name for what I provide for my clients. See you in San Francisco in January.

Unknown said...

See you there!