13 February 2008

XPLANE starts playing with mobile content

Hi everyone,

The video above is designed to be delivered to a mobile phone or other mobile device. This is one of our first explorations -- we're just beginning to play in the world of content for mobile. This is a new area for us and I'm very interested to hear your reaction and any thoughts/ideas/comments/concerns you might have.

Please share your thoughts.

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admin said...

If money talks, then the two top places for the wealthiest people in the world should be an indication where an information business should shift it's focus. One is, of course, Bill Gates, but the other, a lesser known individual called Carlos Slim , who made his fortune in part with cell phones. Need I say more?

Rowan Manahan said...

As a business user, I am starting to get unsolicited MMS adverts from my mobile provider. I used to just get texts - I think I responded to one, ever. So far, none of the MMSes have hit the mark as I have watched them (mostly not all the way through) and instantly deleted them, which I can't imagine is the kind of action the advertiser want me to take.

It is inevitable that marketers will start deluging mobile phones in an attempt to get a 0.1% response rate to make their efforts worthwhile. If their material is as clear as that Nielsen piece, they may get watched, but how many people will be annoyed by having received that text for the 0.1% who may take action on it?

Where's the permission?

HR said...

This is the highest quality content I've ever seen on youTube. I bet the file size is pretty small too.

HR said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks Hugh!

Anonymous said...

Mobile content is the future. In the next years we will be amazed for new ways of entertainment, advertising and communication. This devices are transforming our lives.

It's a good idea that Xplane explore this "media".