01 August 2008

VizThink Toronto 7

VizThink Toronto 7
Originally uploaded by Ryan Coleman
Ryan Coleman put together this excellent video of the recent VizThink get-together in Toronto.

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Anonymous said...

Tempting presentation :)
Bit too short though, we'd like to see more !

I was wondering if you could also share some research paper might discuss visual thinking as a way to cope with cognitive overload, maybe eventually some military based user interface for jet fighters or something along those lines.


Unknown said...


You might find some interesting information here.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog you have. I've interviewed David Sibbet and Lee le Fever - thus getting dunked into the fast-evolving world of visual thinking..

then met some folks from London-based Cognac when i spoke at IABC....

you'd be a valuable presenter there, btw

Unknown said...

Thanks Kare!