05 March 2009

Unbook download

For those who wanted Marks and Meaning as a download, it's now available for $9.95 here. Tell your friends!

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Anonymous said...

Hi David,

The book looks great - consistent with all your excellent online content.

Quick question: Once I buy (download) version 0, when next version is available, do I need to buy again or I get upgrade for free/at discount ?


Unknown said...

Hi Samir,

Unfortunately I have not found an easy way to keep track of who has bought the book or not. Lulu.com does not share the names of the people who paid for downloads or books.

So unless I can find a way to accurately track that info I will not be able to do what you suggest.

I do agree that it would be the best way, so if I find a method that will work I hope to adopt that model. But for now it's going to be pay-as-you go.

Sorry :S