30 July 2006

The lifehacker's dilemma

Vitruvian Mann, originally uploaded by dgray_xplane.

Too many distractions, too little time. Co-developed with Merlin Mann of 43 Folders.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. What did you say? I was distracted by CNN on my Slingbox, while synching my PDA phone with Outlook, and reading Google News, and catching up on blog reading via FeedDemon, and viewing pictures w/ Flicker and watching soccer trick videos via YouTube... because I smelled the coffee I made a few minutes ago in the other room, and thought that might be a good distraction from the "stuff" I was doing. :)

Nice work, Dave and Merlin! Cheer!
~Toby Getsch

Avi said...

Great! The T-shirt version will be popular for sure:)
Reminds me of Mona Caron's cover for Processed World:

Twitter: @m_yury said...

Excellent! It makes me remember professor Enrique Dans (http://edans.blogspot.com), from IE Business School (Spain)

Regards from Chile,