07 August 2006

The resume of the future

Paul Goode just sent me my first video message.

This video thing is definitely the wave of the future. There used to be financial barriers to this kind of thing. Publishing is rapidly becoming the province of everyone who has a computer and internet access. The walls continue to crumble.

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Anonymous said...

I know Mr. Goode well, having had the pleasure of working with him in the past. This animation is indicative of his talented, cool, silly, easy, fun, and informative approach to communicating. I'm going to go watch that again.

Paul said...

Thanks for posting this, Dave.

I guess the other half of my "resume of the future" was the heart-warming e-mail message that accompanied the video.

As a bonus, Jay Haas, my former boss, found your posting immediately via RSS and alerted me to it. I need to PayPal him a beer.

Anonymous said...

Video resumes may just be the thing of the very near future as companies higher more "virtual" (not on-sight) employees.


Unknown said...

That was a wonderful video Elizabeth!