18 April 2007

Website on a dry-erase board?

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dave davison said...

Dave you are really a cool guy - what a great way to take the tech sting out of writng on walls.

Thought you might want to know that our little flickrtalk experiment at Meshforum is going live this week - with Eileen Clegg assisting me in a gig at SRI in Menlo Park.

Actually you can join the event asynchronously if you are interested.

I will soon have a complete conversation networking function connected to the visuals we will be creating during my talk Friday, along with full audio, presentation slides, and a ConversationBase and ConversationMap to guide you to the stuff that you might like to see or hear(of both)

Once you get connected, you will really be in a Communication Nation.

Dave Davison

Unknown said...

Dave, this sounds really exciting -- can you share the link?

dave davison said...

Yep I will link you into the conversation and hope you will add your secret visual sauce to the process We started on this journey at Meshforum 2006 and we should reconnect to keep the conversation going.

looking forward!

Dave Davisonb