04 September 2007

Dave Gray Q&A

Matt Alland recently interviewed me for HostNews.

Read the interview.

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Menelaos Gkikas said...

I think the picture is pretty interesting. Nevertheless, i visualized important parts of the interview. So i will comment on practical explanations, the progress of books through time and the meaning that has been pictured. I think that a diaogue or practical explanations, hides sometimes the danger of humiliation. You keep answering, again and again and then comes the time where the opposite part has been terminated. This means that we need ethics and a visualization of books! I think that the book case is an evolutionary arrow for every individual. This way, we perceive its optimal value! So the picture reflects how someone has managed to be knowledge-minded and prove influence and persuasion! When they ask for explanations, i think that for each time stated, the gate to their own understanding has been passed and the mistake is that sometimes can be evaluated as a sabotage!