21 October 2007

Mapping the future of conferences

Eileen Clegg of Visual Insight has posted an interesting map of the future of conferences. It's not just the map that's interesting, but you can also click on various parts of the image and listen to the dialogue that the image summarizes.

I think there's a lot of potential -- combining visuals with dialogue has always been a challenge online, and this map is a great prototype of what's possible.

I also think there are some great ideas here that we should be applying to VizThink 08.

Take a look.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

> combining visuals with dialogue has
> always been a challenge online

I think this will get easier over the next few years as the Rich Internet Application (RIA) trend continues.

Flash and Ajax are already well established. Now Microsoft is jumping in with Silverlight - this will bring RIA development into reach of many .NET programmers which will expand the pool of developers capable of coding RIAs.

Right now, the trend seems to be largely driving by marketing (e.g. Major League Baseball video viewer, the Emmy awards interactive site).

More interesting to the visual community are the few sites experimenting with new ways of visualizing data (e.g. www.tafiti.com)