27 September 2010

Sneak peek at my upcoming workshop at UI15

Here's a sneak peek at my upcoming workshop "Visual Thinking for User Experience" which I'll be giving at UI15 (Boston, Nov. 8-10).

Description: New workshop on effectively communicating design ideas Wireframes don’t help us with the Why, only the What of our designs. Dave’s simple sketching techniques are powerful tools for communicating your design's rationale. You’ll learn solid strategies for visualizing your ideas, which will help you identify issues while creating great new experiences.

I hope you like it! If it sparks any thoughts please leave a comment.

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Unknown said...

Oh, by the way, if you register for the conference using the promotion code "GRAY" you will save 400 bucks on the conference (or 50 bucks on any one day)! ;)

Menelaos Gkikas said...

if you have to answer the what with a why, get more whats!!! Dave Gray Dave Gray