24 November 2005

The corporate hip-hop presentation style

Dick Hardt of Sxip completely captivates his audience with great visuals, great storytelling, and great timing. His presentation has a staccato, rhythmic quality, like a kind of corporate hip-hop.

And he pulls it off by focusing your attention on the screen; he barely moves a muscle and doesn't budge from behind the podium. One benefit of this presentation style is that it transfers seamlessly to the web.

Clearly he practiced his talk; it went like a well-oiled machine. If you want to try this style you'll need to practice several times to get it down.

Erick Gockel points out that the style is derived from Lawrence Lessig's approach to presentations, sometimes called the Lessig method. I agree with Eric, but I also think that Dick is building on that approach and taking it new places.

Take a look.

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Anonymous said...

more about this style here http://presentationzen.blogs.com/presentationzen/2005/10/the_lessig_meth.html