12 November 2005

Visual thinking workshops

Starting this blog has sparked some interesting ideas and conversations about communication, learning and visual thinking.

I'm thinking about designing some XPLANE workshops that will focus on communication, learning and visual thinking. Do any of these sound interesting?

Hacking the Human OS: How to be more effective in life by understanding how people communicate, think and learn.

Visual thinking practice: Learn some fun and easy exercises that you can do to improve your visual communication skills. Bring paper or a sketchbook!

The seven C's of communication design: Seven principles that you can use to create more powerful, effective presentations.

The one-page proposal: How to boil your proposal down to a single-page storyboard

The power of paper: How to use flip charts, index cards and sticky-notes to become a better communicator.

If you have other ideas for workshops you'd like to see, let me know here.

I am conducting a quick survey -- six multiple-choice questions -- to get a better idea of what you want to see. Please take a minute to give me your thoughts.

Pictured: yes, that's a picture of visionary thinkers Biz Stone, Merlin Mann and Evan Williams in deep creative conversation in the Odeo conference room.

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Anonymous said...

I'd be happy with any of these. Obviously, the paper one strikes my fancy, though...

Anonymous said...

Sign me up, when do you think you will start them?