20 January 2006

Dave Gray interview

Chris Brogan lives in northern Massachusetts. He writes about self-improvement, from fitness to nutrition to leadership and relationship-building. He's also got a lot of diverse interests from technology to design and visual thinking.

Chris just interviewed me for his blog. Here are his questions:

- Tell me about founding XPlane. What came before, and how'd you make your move?

- What does a typical Xplane engagement look like?

- What's your work and skills background?

- You recently started up the Visual Thinking School. What was on your mind?

- What has most surprised you about the Visual Thinking School Project?

- How much of your networking, your connecting to new people, are you accomplishing through these online venues like Flickr, Squidoo, and the other places you're hanging your work?

- What's up for Dave Gray in 2006?

- If someone were interested in getting involved in Visual Thinking or Visual Communication, what are some tips and advice you'd give them?

- Anything else you'd like to add?

Read my answers.

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