04 January 2006

How do you do your New Year's resolutions?

I am still working on my resolutions for 2006. I have talked to a few people out there, and some of them have very interesting ways that they go about this. I'd like to hear from you, too. If you do yearly resolutions, I have a couple of questions for you:

1. How do you do it?

2. How well does it work?

I'll summarize the responses in an upcoming post. Please share your approach!

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What Now? said...

One day at a time and I don't berate myself if I take a misstep. I am the wellness coordinator for my office and a "poster child" for personal change. It really does take more than two weeks to consciously incorporate a new habit and a year to make it a seamless part of your life.

Graeme Watson said...

Some goals are really easy to achieve, such as business related tasks and specific projects. A goal of 'get 5 new clients' is not so challenging.

The hard ones through are the goals which involve changing our personal behavior. Like 'Stop being a Workaholic', ' Stop Procrastinating',
'Start going to the Gym' or 'Take the Dog for a Walk more often'. These goals remain with me year after year. Hence every year the personal goals are pretty much the same.

But sharing your goals seems to make a lot of sense, your friends can encourage you, remind you and maybe even help you.

Anonymous said...

theres hardly a new year occassion to make resolutions (for me)
guessing thats for each of us .
1) i write the resolution (define very clearly) altho its rarely visual :-) (think i'll try this next)
2)paste it up on the door i use daily
tho i dont read it but it's presence re-inforces my system in that direction.
i usu. have very very short term goals - i think if i were to get long term i wud lose focus n drive

Thelma said...

Well, I write a "Pillow Book", with stories, fellings, lists, etc.
I have lists of wishes, things I love, things I hate, things makes me smile, etc.
So, I also make lists of things I want to do.

Now I'm taking an english course, very intensive, (that was in my november list). I began yesterday.

I'm looking for a new job...

This year I'm going to study another university carrer.

It sounds easy, but it's a long process. I do a lot of self-analysis to know me better and to find out how feel better with myself, and how to be a better person.
I have an excellent husband, a wonderful family and some really good friends.


Anonymous said...

i never used to make any resolutions at all. but recently i've been doing themes for the year instead of resolutions. and it's nice if you can get someone to go along with your idea. one year my roommate and i were particularly frustrated with our past long-term relationships, so our theme was "good enough for now". this year my boyfriend and i have a goal of being more adventurous. having a general theme i think works well for me because it's not something i have to think about all the time. but, when i'm having a rough patch, or even just a period of boredom i can remember my theme.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

It has to be asked, is the boyfriend you are aiming at being more adventurous with this year, the one who was 'good enough for now' last year?

Anonymous said...

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