02 January 2006

Paper notes in a digital world

2006 is a blank sheet of paper -- what will you write?

The back to paper movement gains momentum in 2006.

From an interesting new blog called paper notes in a digital world:

"In an age of blogs (like this one), blogs about blogs, online publications of all kinds and everything digital, I still celebrate the journal kept in a notebook, bound books, magazines, a good newspaper and the literary world of old."

The mainstream media is catching on too. The San Francisco Chronicle quotes Merlin Mann:
"PDAs and desktops, laptops and a constant flow of information can create this Byzantine world, but if you're more aware and more mindful in thinking about which kinds of tools will be the most elegant help ... for a surprising number of people, that turns out to be paper.''
(Thanks PaperNotes!)

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Anonymous said...

Paper's back in. And suits, CDs, and land line phones. Just ask the paper, suit, CD, and phone companies.

Unknown said...

I understand your point Ed, but sometimes things are legitimate grass-roots trends and this is one of those times.

I don't see some big paper lobby driving this movement; it's primarily being driven by the techno-geeks.

See why techies are leading the back-to-paper movement.

Mikhail Capone said...

Just to let you know that your first link to the paper notes blog isn't working.

Unknown said...

Thanks Mikhail -- fixed it.

Thelma said...

I have my agenda, my notebooks, my "Pillow Book".
I read many books and some magazines.
I have all my writings and some times I read it (I begane when I was 9 years old).
I eddited a few magazines in paper.

But now... I'm making a website.
I wanted to edit another magazine, but it's TOO expensive.
So, a website it's almost for free, and I don't need to worry about advertising and other stuff.
I'm free...

But if you ask me, I like to write and read on paper.