23 April 2007

How to support play

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Nate Vogel said...

I'm so glad we're recognizing the importance of play for our social and work interactions! Have you come across ways that companies are building play into their cultures?

Ryan said...

Dave - have you read "The Imagination Challenge"?

You might really enjoy it.

Unknown said...

Hi Speeker,

We are trying to do it at XPLANE, with something we call Visual Thinking School -- two hours a week to focus on improving our skills in a play-like setting.

We also have set aside 10% of each person's time for self-defined innovation projects. I understand Google does the same, and there are probably many others.

Ryan, No I have not; sounds interesting though, I might need to check it out.

Unknown said...

2 hours of VTS and another 10% sounds like a really good mix! I'm starting to work on getting some similar stuff going over here.

Unknown said...

That sound great Charlene, keep us posted!