15 April 2007

Self-Governing Workshops and Offices

No one enjoys his work if he is a cog in a machine.


Encourage the formation of self-governing workshops and offices of 5 to 20 workers. Make each group autonomous- with respect to organisation, style, relation to other groups, hiring and firing, work schedule. Where the work is complicated and requires larger organisations, several of these work groups can federate and cooperate to produce complex artefacts and services.

From A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander

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Anonymous said...

Great advice! I'd just add - get rid of that horrid office furniture too.

Anonymous said...

that is your answer to the problems with corporate America; self governing? I guess it is a strategy but most people have no choice but to work in those environments if they are lucky enough to even have a job. McJobs rule the world and the McEmployers don't care if you produce break through results; just that you get the job done, period, or your out. I think this is an elitest view at best so what is your recomendations for the rest of the world?

Unknown said...


I can't speak for McEmployers, but most business people I know DO want breakthrough results. If you are producing them, then I am sure you can do better.

You probably have more choices than you know.