24 August 2007

Free online mind-mapping tool

Click the image above to see a larger version.

Mindomo is a free online mind-mapping tool. I have only spent a little time there but it appears to be full-featured. You can create maps, share them, and search for maps on any topic. Worth a look.

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platts42 said...

This is a working example of one I have going now. It is fully customizable, with links, image import (so you aren't stuck with theirs), and task info. All around a great application

Visualization Station

Anonymous said...

I've been playing with a 3D mind-mapping program called TheBrain. When you click on a connection, it becomes the center and shows relatives - parents on top, laterals to the side, and children underneath. It has a free demo, too.

Joanne Vincett said...

This is fantastic. I am going to try it with my clients too so we can collaborate at the same time.
Thank you for posting, Dave!

Talk to you soon,