14 July 2008

Upcoming events

Geneva workshop, originally uploaded by dgray_xplane.

I'll be participating in a number of events in the coming months. Here's an update on some of the events where I'll be speaking or delivering workshops.

  • Visual and Iconic Languages (VaIL) conference — Jul 21 - Jul 22, 2008
    At the VaIL conference I'll be speaking about visual language. If you can make it to San Diego, there's no charge to attend the conference.
  • Visual thinking workshop — Jul 25, - Jul 25, 2008
    On July 25th I'll be delivering a full, one-day workshop in Toronto. In the workshop you'll learn how to visualize your ideas so you can think and communicate with greater clarity and effectiveness. Working individually and in small teams, you will learn and practice visualization techniques that have been successfully used to improve innovation and accelerate change at some of the world's leading companies. After completing this workshop you will have a toolkit for thinking and presentation effectiveness -- your presentations of complex information and strategies will never be the same. More.
  • Visual thinking in practice — Aug 19 - Aug 20, 2008
    CONNECTICUT: What's the difference between theory and practice? In theory they're the same. In practice they're different. We'll look at some proven, practical tools and techniques for turning complex or potentially confusing information into clear, concise, concrete visual images. At this event I'll give a short talk followed by an afternoon workshop. Get more info at the CAIS Summer Institute.
  • IDEA 2008 — Oct 7 - Oct 8, 2008
    I'll be speaking at the IDEA conference in Chicago. The IDEA Conference is a yearly conference about Information: Design, Experience and Access that is sponsored by the Information Architecture Institute. More.
  • VizThink 08 Berlin — Oct 12 - Oct 14, 2008
    I'll be facilitating at VizThink 08 in Berlin. VizThink is an international community of visual thinkers. More.
  • Sarasota Design Summit — Oct 27 - Oct 28, 2008
    More than 350 designers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and business and technology professionals, exploring how design and design thinking are transforming technology and innovation. I've had a hand in proposing some of the speakers for this one, and can promise that some very interesting people will be there. More.
  • CANUX 2008 — Nov 16 - Nov 18, 2008
    I'll be speaking/facilitating at CANUX 2008 in Banff, Alberta. CANUX is a small gathering, limited to 70 participants, with a focus on practical skills for user experience professionals—web designers, software developers, information architects, interaction designers, interface designers, communications, and anyone else who's passionate about making things work well for people. More.
I hope you'll decide to join me at one or more of these events!

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Anonymous said...

Hello. When I click on "more" for the Chicago talk, I get a 404. Can you fix it?

Unknown said...

It should be fixed now. Sorry about that.

Eddie said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you'll be making it over to Europe. I'll do what I can to make it to the Vizthink conference in Berlin. There isn't much information on their website as yet, but I suppose it will come. Anyway, it's in my diary. Hope to see you there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the conference list: I'll be attending VizThink in Berlin. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Anonymous said...

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