01 February 2006

Do you live in Seattle?

Do you live in Seattle?

Anyway I will be in Redmond on Wednesday and Thursday of this week (February 1st and 2nd) to do some consulting work with a large technology company ;). If anyone's interested we could meet up somewhere nearby for a happy hour or something.

If you'd like to hook up send me an email at dgray [at] xplane [dot] com.

Update: Hi all -- I will be in the bar at the Westin in downtown Bellevue (Washington) tonight (Wednesday) at 9pm. Here's the Hotel info: 600 Bellevue Way NE Bellevue, Washington 98004 United States Phone (425) 638-1000 Fax (425) 638-1040 I have never been there before so if they have more than one bar I will be in the whichever is the quietest. Hope you can stop by and say hello! [BTW I look exactly like the blog photo except I have a beard now.]

Update: Sorry you missed it! It was awesome :)

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Janine said...

Anyone in Seattle this week? Superbowl week??? You might want to change your plans and get here to Detroit :)

Greg said...

Dave, please do me a favor and take a consulting job in Orange County. I'll buy the espresso.

dave said...


I will try.

Toby Getsch said...

Thanks for the invite Dave. It was fun to hang out.


Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy Seattle, people told me is a nice city....

Mario Montero said...

It's a good expresso there???

dave said...

Mario -- yes, pretty good!