26 February 2006

The magic number is 6

Interesting post from ext337:

The magic number is 6: "We don't make communities for 1M, 100K, 10K or even 1K. The communities we make are for 6 people. Make that -- share it, write it, meet with it -- and let each of those spawn more communities of 6. Keep it small enough to really care about and relate to."

Dave speaking now: I have been thinking about magic numbers recently and I actually think the magic number is 5 -- but why split hairs? The important idea is that big things happen when small groups get energized. I believe in small numbers and cellular growth (More later on cellular growth, the number 5 and why I think it's magic).

I found this post via Nancy White's blog.

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Anonymous said...

37s crew thinks 3 people and 1 pizza but someone also cited apple/amazon think it should be a two pizza team. I would go with either 3 or 5.

Graeme Watson said...

As De La Soul rapped, '3 is the magic number'.

eric l houck jr said...

excellent post. yes, a small community, less chance of a global conflict :) i think 6 is about right. a couple of the contacts a little closer than the others perhaps . . . a couple more distant to keep the ideas and feelings fresh.