22 April 2006

How to perfect your presentation

"...one of the most effective sales presentation tools that I've ever been taught. Write your entire presentation out and then get some colored markers. For all the facts that you have written down, highlight them in red. Next, color all your humor in green. Lastly, color all your audience participation in blue.

Ok, now step back and look at your work of art. What, you don't see any green for humor? Where is the blue, for audience participation? Even if you are giving a sales presentation to manage $50 million dollars for a pension fund, you will be amazed by the audiences receptivity if you make the presentation about them. Red is a nice color but make sure your presentation has some green and blue to involve your audience.

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Anonymous said...

wauw what a great idea that is.
I'm surely gonna use this for a speech i have to give next week.

Thanks alot!

SEO Speaker said...

Dave, Thanks for your link. I hope Jo will share the results with us!