15 May 2007

Visual thinking

Great presentation on visual thinking by Ryan Coleman.

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Ryan said...

Appreciate the compliment Dave!

Hope people enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

Great job!

Anonymous said...

Nice, it does help :D

Personnaly I still have a question :
- Im drawing models all the time (or close too ;) and just yesterday a friend told me I should be a consultant. But... I don't think so, my presentations are ugly :(
They are clear (usually people get it pretty quickly without extra explanation) but they dont look professional. Even if I know the goal is to convey the message I want to remove any disturbance for the viewer.

How do you proceed ? Do you build your own sets (color sets, style sets, image sets ... for specific application), do you draw them or do you know public repositories ?

Anyway thx again :)

Unknown said...

I carry a digital camera with me everywhere I go. This helps my presentations because often I can use a photo to make a point.

I also put hand-drawn sketches into presentations all the time and they are very popular.

Of course there are lots of repositories on the web -- I like to do a creative commons search on flickr.com, and I also like Stock Exchange (http://www.sxc.hu/).

But the best thing is to take your own photos and practice your drawing -- it will make your presentations more unique.