03 September 2005

The ultimate PDA

I'm not a PDA guy because I haven't found the ultimate PDA yet. To me, the ultimate PDA is as thin and light as a piece of paper. It can fit into my back pocket. It's disposable and fully recyclable. It requires no electricity. And oh yeah, it's free.

Guess what: I've found it. It's the Pocketmod, a new way, low-tech way to keep yourself organized.

The Pocketmod is made out of paper, still one of the best and most long-lived technologies ever invented.

Pocketmod offers a number of "mods" that allow you to customize your Pocketmod to suit your needs. I've set mine up for monthly use, with a to-do list, four weekly calendars, a monthly calendar to capture dates for the next month, and a yearly calendar as well just in case.

For those with a need for a PDA that will hold a little more information, you might want to try the Hipster PDA, which can hold significantly more data.

The Hipster PDA uses index cards and clips. There's a whole user community out there, and even a major wiki entry to get you started. If you're willing to put in a little energy, you can even synch between your paper and digital PDA.

Dare I say there's a major "back to paper" movement underway? And just when I finally broke down and got a tablet pc. What was I thinking?

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Unknown said...

My PDA looks so pretty sitting on my desk. I use it as a posti-note holder! Funny post!

Sydney said...

On Smileys - Use em, don't use em, I don't care.

On pda's - I have an mpx 220 smart phone. The best thing I ever ever ever got. It hooks directly into my outlook. So basically, my computer and my cell phone always carry all of the same data. Addresses, phone numbers, appointments, and the like and they update each other. So if I'm out of the office and I put a phone number in my cell, it updates my computer when I get back, and vice versa. Same wih appointments. Then for all of the other info, You know, the cost of chicken in china, daily sales info and the like, I carry around a very small 3x5 notebook that fits in my purse.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are well!