17 January 2007

In London this week

Hi all,

I'll be in London this week on my way to open our new office in Madrid. I'm leaving for Spain Saturday morning (20 January). Please leave a comment if you'd like to hook up this week in London -- maybe we can have a blogger meetup or something. Let's discuss who, where and when in the comments section.



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Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, it's great to see your business growing. Keep up the good work. I'm watching and listening.

Matt said...

Hello - I'd love to get coffee if you have time before .es!

Unknown said...

Definitely! How about tomorrow sometime in the morming or early afternoon? I am staying near the Marble Arch.

Also, whenever I am in London I can't get enough of Caffe Nero. Can you suggest one that's nearby?

I'm not sure why but I love that chain.

Unknown said...

Today (Thursday Jan 18th) there is a meeting of the Social Media Club that will be held here. How does that sound?

Registration appears to be closed but I don't think that should stop us. After all they are the Social Media Club.

Gemma said...

Hy Dave, I'm a big fun of your work and I'm follow your business long time ago. It will be wonderful to see your company growing in Madrid, where I live. Could be great to meet you here if you have time.

Unknown said...


We will certainly have opportunities to meet in Madrid!

Anonymous said...

hello Dave,

Have I left it too late. Got time for a coffee on Friday afternoon?

Unknown said...

Hi Russel,

Unfortunately I just got this. Next time I'll give more notice. Sorry I missed you -- I'm sure I'll be back soon though.

Anonymous said...


I am an editorial designer based in Madrid. I would enjoy meeting you on your visit or next trip to Madrid.

Please let me know where I can send you a CV.


Unknown said...

Hi Miguel,

You can send it to me at gray@xplane.com.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Bon voyage!!!

cliffy said...

hey Dave, how was the trip? and how's Spain?


Spain is Fantastic!!! (and sunny)
Bienvenido a EspaƱa.

Unknown said...


Bueno y bueno!

primaveritis: gracias!

Unknown said...

Hola Bruick!

I'm a little snowed under at the moment, integrating the Madrid office with XPLANE US, but I will be back in the blogosphere soon!


Anonymous said...

Dave - I did not know you were opening a new office outside of the US - congrats on the success of XPLANE!

Matt Burback