15 May 2008

Cartoonists make the best PowerPoints

Great post by Austin Kleon:

FOR SUCCESSFUL POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS, LOOK TO CARTOONISTS by Austin Kleon: "Powerpoint (or Keynote) slide software solves the problem of presenting an audience with a narrative that demands both verbal and visual elements. A slide presentation succeeds when the visual display works with the verbal communication of the speaker to create a narrative in the audience’s mind. The juxtaposition of pictures and words conjure connections and meaning that pictures or words alone could not.

Some of the best uses of Powerpoint come from the masters of verbal/visual, picture/word communication: cartoonists."

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eAgent said...

Absolutely, Dave.

I can't decide whether it's the fact that cartoonish elements allow us to energize the right brain more...

Or that buried within us is this sanguine sense of fun just itching to come out and play... on the page.

Whatever it is, it's important. Cartoonists have forever been able to catch the minds and hearts of man.

Especially in a room of 300 with the lights dimmed.

BTW: I was thinking of you and your Xplane crew today when this popped into my field of vision from Pangea Day. Sticky Notes.

You can't wank into your offices in Portland without witnessing Sticky Notes in Action.

Mark Alan Effinger

Menelaos Gkikas said...

cartoonists have managed to capture our visual habits!!