03 March 2009

Design Lively Elearning with Action Mapping

This presentation lays out a very interesting, and, I suspect, very effective, method for developing e-learning aimed at getting results for your business.

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Steve C. said...

I agree with your comments. On another side, this is no different that what we have been doing with Instructor Led sales training for many, many years. And that is good.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, I like how it creates a simple framework for targeting training toward actual business results. Seems simple but clearly is not happening enough.

Unknown said...

Agree with both of you!

Steve, I am sure you have been doing this but can you speak for all instructor-led training?

I have been through some where the instructor didn't seem to have gotten the memo :)

Anonymous said...

Great visual representation of how effective training works. I think it's also valuable for thinking about one's own goals and what what one needs to do to get there.

P.S. Nice meeting you at SXSW!

Jason G. said...

I thought the slide design was compelling, but the content is instructional design 101. Old wine, new bottle.