25 August 2007

The mind map as a concise visual summary

Click the image for a high-resolution version.

Author, artist and educator John Clapp posted this beautiful mind map on his website. It's a summary of Vision + Art: The Biology of Seeing.

What is especially interesting is that the map represents roughly 60% of the book's content -- on a single page!

See more on John's website.

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Anonymous said...

Currently dealing with situation where a client who hired (them) an event promoter and (us) an interactive agency to create a concept and campaign. I was trying to explain to my team how even though we all aspire to be big picture generalists when either love or money is on the line we quickly retreat to our specializations. Beautiful visualization. Feels like an epidermis for some reason.

platts42 said...

Beautiful sketchbook.

Mind mapping is turning out to be the bees knees for me. I'm using Mindomo right now and really like it, though I suspect using pen and ink would work equally well from a personal standpoint, but I use them to share across the web.

BTW: I literally just stumbled on this link before heading over here:

99 Mind Mapping Resources, Tools, and Tips