29 August 2007

New technology for smart image resizing

Adobe just hired the co-inventor of this image-resizing technology.

It's fascinating to watch, and it also has interesting implications for content creators.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

I think that such technologies are very practical and there are practical ways to create content! Everything, except...misuse!

Anonymous said...

Pretty damn amazing. Hopefully Adobe will release a plugin with this feature for CS3.

I'm also thinking this same energy finding technology could be used to resize video.

platts42 said...

Notice that when the images are being repurposed, they look 3d. The scaling can only go so far before it looks freaky bad though.

It is neato and I'm a huge fan of neato.

Rich said...

Very cool. Also another way to misrepresent reality. With power comes responsibility Peter Parker.

Anonymous said...

To think of the hours, days I've spent fiddling with graphics. This is magic. Thanks for sharing.