17 September 2005

Saturday night fights

Who would win in a monkey-dinosaur fight? Care to guess? Tonight's main event is a cliff-hanger, right down to the last minute: Monkey vs. dinosaur.

During the break you might want to have a go at the monkey slot machine, or if you're hungry, try a monkey snack.

Of course everything is over-dramatized in the movie version.

If you get really inspired you might challenge a friend to your very own monkey battle.

Tonight's educational moment is on Monkey Knife Fighting: "Monkey is our closest relative of the animal group and his knowledge of combat is similar to our own. Monkey's concerned with keeping his head just as we are; Tiger fights Monkey, Snake fights Monkey, RajaNaga fights Monkey, he answers them all. Man has nothing to teach Monkey, we can only learn! "

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1 comment:

Sydney said...

LMAO! Now THOSE are damn good graphics for that blog! By the way, go back and read my response to your response on my blog. Syd