26 September 2005

Why you keep losing your best people

Here's a comment someone left on my blog in response to a recent post.

"... all too often, managers and their bosses don't care what you think, and their boss certainly doesn't care, either. Approaching your boss outside of the work atmosphere can be helpful, but all too often, I've seen any broaching of the subject by an employee lead to their "disappearance" within a day or two. And that's probably why there's a dead elephant in the room so often; because employees know if they speak up they are putting themselves in jeopardy. Until management and HR change to start viewing employees as people with skills and knowledge, rather than automatons that can easily be replaced with another, the communication gap will always be there. Bad managers are what cause people to leave companies, and upper management still hasn't realized they have mostly bad managers."

What kind of managers do you have in your company? And how do you know?

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Anonymous said...

This is not news. This is worth noting. This is sad.

Promotion to the level of inadequacy, and not listening, and deciding to intentionally not pay attention - some "no fun scenarios" from management - but I do have to say, my current boss is great (Hi, if you're reading.) and that I've never met anyone who says that they loved their job AND could not stand their boss. A bad boss usually makes a job sucky. A good boss, can make a bad job tolerable.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if
there is a website that lists:

1) companies that treat their employees like they would like to be treated, and

2) the career opportunities available at those companies?

Perhaps current employees of the "good" companies could answer a list of questions regarding how their companies treat them and add their comments.

... and, maybe the same could be done for bad companies

This would be very useful.

It would be a win / win situation.

Companies that don't know how to treat people should provide a good source of talent to companies that do know how to treat people.

Unknown said...

Yes, there is such a list. It's created by the Great Place to Work Institute. They have "Top 100" lists of which companies are the best to work for. They measure companies based on a Trust Index and a Culture Audit. Here are the top 100 lists for
North America
Latin America

Please support these companies by going to work for them and helping them succeed!