02 September 2005

Why you should leave comments on my blog

I love to get your comments on my blog: it's highly valuable feedback that can help me continue to make it more useful and relevant to you. If that isn't reason enough, here's another reason for leaving thoughtful comments on any blog you visit: It could make you famous!

"Comment added to blog leads to inclusion in the Wall Street Journal" from The Intuitive Life Business Blog: "In less than six days I am quoted in a national newspaper because I've gotten involved with the discussion happening in the blogosphere."

Many thanks to my friend Richard Black, Technology Strategist.

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Step said...

In the spirit of being teachable...

:) I enjoy your blog. Communication is an essential, and very neglected, skill. The cleanliness of your blog and the frequent, on-topic posts are why I'm subscribed.

As I get more involved in the blogosphere, I intend to start modelling my blogsites after sites like yours.

Unknown said...

Thank you step!

Paul said...

Dave, I am all ears right now. XPLANE has me captivated and, now, your blog.

I have also appreciated your clearly stated objective/sub-title.

More later. Keep pushing ahead.

Anonymous said...

I really like the art work that you have in you blog posts and also in xplane.

It would be nice if you do a post about the process or tools that you use to draw your art.

Thank you

Mark VB said...

Came across your blog by accident, and originally liked the graphics (Are these your own/are they available to use?). Anyway I started reading and was pleasantly surprised, I've e-mailed my colleagues with the address too!

Anonymous said...

Art is cool.

Anonymous said...

Got here via Flickr. I really enjoyed your site. I had bookmarked it for when I had more time to look around. I found a lot of useful material, and I'll drop in regularly from now on.

I am an educator and speaker concentrating on inquiry-based learning and project-based early childhood education.

Unknown said...

Your writing is easy to read and flows smoothly