09 September 2005

Want people to remember what you write?

"If you want people to learn and remember what you write, say it conversationally. This isn't just for short informal blog entries and articles, either. We're talking books. Assuming they're meant for learning, and not reference, books written in a conversational style are more likely to be retained and recalled than a book on the same topics written in a more formal tone. Most of us know this intuitively, but there are studies to prove it."

Lately, when it comes to clear communication, it seems to me that all roads lead to O'Reilly.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

In sports features I've written, I've used the conversational style for years. It's amazing when someone comes up to you and recalls something you wrote 10 years ago. People really do remember better when you write this way.