23 August 2005

Change your management default settings

Are you a manager? I have a few questions for you:
  • How many emails do you get in a day ?

  • How many decisions are required of you?

  • How often is your approval required, and for what?

Is the answer “Too many?” If so, I have a suggestion: Try re-setting your default from NO to GO. Approve the people, not the proposals. GO means trust. Change the dynamic from “approval required” to “approval assumed.” Expect a good rationale for any NO decision.

Set up a passive approval loop: Unless we hear back within 24 hours we will go ahead with this. Support your GObodies and fluster your NObodies. Institutionalize the GO dynamic.

Try it for a week and see what happens. What have you got to lose?

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Eppur si muove said...

I do completely agree with you.

I read once, that a manager was so good as the time he could spent "dead" in his office without anyone beig aware of it.


Unknown said...

I fully agree. When I see a manager working long hours (especially when his team is not), I see this as a red flag.

Anonymous said...

Sounds kind of risky though. Are you saying you make approvals purely on the basis of the person sending them and not the message in the email? Maybe I am a control freak but I'd be too scared to blanket approve emails without reviewing them first.

Unknown said...

What I'm saying is, tell them explicitly that you trust their judgment. Let them carry the worry.

That way you will quickly find out if you can trust their judgment or not!