19 September 2005

XPLANE is looking for quality consultants

Customers are banging our doors down. The demand for our work is growing, and we need quality people to join our growing company.

This post is about consultants: the people who lead our teams and manage customer relationships.

I mentioned last week we were looking for Concept Developers (Sketch artists). We're still seeking people for that job as well. If you think that job might suit you please contact our Creative Director Scott Matthews.

We're looking for quality people who are great communicators, innovative thinkers, good managers, and who have a strong, positive dynamic with customers. You will work on an XPLANE development team, partnered with a Concept Developer (CD). The CD is the artist/designer on the team and you will manage the projects, as well as the overall customer relationship.

You may not be an artist but you're definitely a visual thinker, comfortable scribbling a "napkin-sketch" at the lunch table or on a whiteboard. If you join us, your job will be to work with XPLANE customers to:
- Identify communication challenges and gaps
- Design communication programs that fill those gaps and deliver understanding
- Gather information through research, in-person interviews and facilitated meetings
- Manage the programs and projects from concept through delivery
- Do all of this faster and more effectively than any other company

You will be trained in our methods, but we are looking for people who can quickly familiarize themselves with our consulting "toolkit" and immediately begin to innovate. In other words, we give you the tools but not a complete roadmap -- insight and innovation are required to each customer.

Here's a rundown of what we're looking for:
Agility: You've heard of extreme programming? We need "extreme consultants." We work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. You'll need to be the kind of person who is comfortable with change and able to think on your feet.
Communication skills: You'll need to be an excellent communicator in every sense of the word. You will need to be clear and concise in all spoken and written communications. You'll need to impress customers with your ability to listen and quickly understand their problems. This is more important than impressing them with your brilliance.
Self-starter: The good news is that we're a small company with a flat org structure, and because of that we can offer huge growth potential -- both personal and financial -- for great people. The bad news is you will be on your own much of the time, often with limited resources and support. You won't get much hand-holding and most of the time you'll be expected to "figure it out."
Analytical problem-solver: You'll need to be the kind of person who can quickly grasp complex issues and convey them clearly to others.
Team player: Working well with others is a must -- "high-maintenance" individuals need not apply.

This is an exciting opportunity and we need people right away. Do me a big favor and forward this to anyone who might be appropriate.

Interested parties should send bio and resume to Janet Hull, XPLANE Operations Manager.

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Anonymous said...

It might be hard to believe, but I first became interested in XPLANE about 5 years ago. I followed what XPLANE did religiously for about two/three years and you inspired me to move my company and entire ethos to a more "communication first" approach.

I even took up Illustrator and got a few freelance communications illustration jobs. I was never amazingly great, but clients were very happy, and I learned all about the power of illustration and communication in general. My dream job at the time would have been to work for XPLANE, but, you know, wrong country, other things to do, yada yada. Everyone else was screaming that Google would be the ideal job, or even 37signals, but XPLANE has always had a special place with me.

Now I seem to have swung in a different direction, and XPLANE's site hasn't significantly changed (at least, not at the pace it used to) in a while (that said, the move away from Interstate for the front page leading block surprised me at first).. meaning that XPLANE has been mostly off my radar in the last year. Yet still, I want to demonstrate to people who might be reading this that an opportunity to work at XPLANE is a good one. XPLANE are not just doing great things, but showing and communicating things in the best ways possible.

The perfect communication of a process or idea can make the difference between a business succeeding or failing. That's amazing stuff to be involved in. So, if you're ready to do some really fulfilling work, I say you should give XPLANE some real consideration.

Unknown said...

Thanks Peter!

Unknown said...

For those of you who read the comments, here's the ad we've posted for the position:

We're seeking an experienced Sales/Marketing Consultant to provide facilitated marketing consulting and account management to our technology and fortune-class clientele. This is a client-facing role where you'll be working with existing clients to deliver great results and grow our

About you: You're great in front of people, effective at building and growing long term relationships, a highly effective communicator, and deeply knowledgeable about business marketing, sales, and strategy. Most likely you've been an account executive in an ad agency, a management consultant, or a senior account manager in a well-known sales organization. You know how to identify opportunities in a client account and deliver results, while building a deeper relationship along the way.

Experience with Microsoft, EDS, Intel, or similar companies is a big plus!

About us: We're a leader in communications and information design, developing marketing, sales, and e-learning communications for some of the world's top companies and publications. We're artists, business executives, and management consultants who have come together to help companies explain what they do in innovative, engaging, and more successful ways If this matches your experience and your interest, please send a resume and compensation requirements by email.