08 January 2006

No time to read?

Too many books on your shelf? No time to read them all? Worry not. Say hello to Matt Vance of Austin, Texas. Matt reads a lot of books, takes copious, excellent notes, and -- lucky for you and me -- posts them on the web.

Here are some of the books Matt has read, along with links to his notes:

22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
Conversationally Speaking
Finding Your Passion (from audio book)
First Break All The Rules (from audio book)
Getting Things Done
Hiring Smart
How to Be a Star at Work
Making it Happen
Now Habit
On Writing Well
Organizing From The Inside Out (from audio book)
Power of Full Engagement (from audio book)
Primal Leadership (from audio book)
Ready for Anything (from audio book)
Simplicity Survival Handbook
What Smart Students Know
A Writer's Guide to Getting Published in Magazines
Brag (from audio book)
Breakout Principle (from audio book)
Breathing (from audio book)
Crucial Conversations (from audio book)
Design for Community
Emotional Intelligence (from audio book)
Fish (from audio book)
Five Dysfunctions Of A Team
Get Clark Smart
High Five (from audio book)
Hire With Your Head
How Full Is Your Bucket
How To Delegate Work (from audio book)
How To Get Anyone To Do Anything (from audio book)
How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends (from audio book)
How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci (from audio book)
How to Work a Room
How to Write Irresistible Query Letters
Jump Start Your Business Brain
Knockout Presentations
Magic of Thinking Big (from audio book)
Man's Search For Meaning (from audio book)
Medici Effect
Multiple Streams Of Income (from audio book)
Non-Designer's Design Book
Nonviolent Communication
Now Discover Your Strengths
Optimal Thinking
Orbiting the Giant Hairball
Purple Cow
Renegade Writer
Secrets From An Inventors Notebook
Secrets of Learning a Foreign Language (from audio book)
Smart Mobs
Stand Up For Your Life (from audio book
The Art of Exceptional Living (from audio book)
Tipping Point
Treasury of Tips for Writers
We Were Soldiers Once (from audio book)
What Women Want Men To Know (from audio book)
Who Moved My Cheese (from audio book)
Wiki Way

See the full list at MineZone Wiki - MVance.BookNotes.

Thanks Matt!

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Kami Huyse said...

very cool, I let people know about this resource on my blog today. Thanks for sharing it! I always want to read more of this stuff and love that I can get a preview this way.