24 December 2005

Noguchi + transparency = productivity!

Dave Mohrman had some ideas for enhancing the Noguchi filing system I wrote about last week.

At my request he took some photos and wrote up a brief description of his method. Take a look.

Thanks Dave!

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What Now? said...

I have used this type of transparent envelope system for many years at home. I'm not sure I want to incorporate it at work (government) but, I'm still mulling it over. Your blog keeps me thinking. Thanks!

Unknown said...

My pleasure. And thanks for adding your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

The pretty, and probably pricey, nature of the plastic envelopes makes them too precious for me...

I need something cheap, customizable and down-and-dirty.

Cheap so that it's easily expandable. You'll resist creating new files for something if your materials are too expensive or it's extra effort to procure them.

While there are merits to seeing what's in your folders, visually, I see this as creating clutter. And adding distraction to what should be an otherwise neutral system.

Besides, what are you really going to see in there from the sideview anyway? The sides of papers?

Since you have to flip through your files to see what's in them anyway, personally, I'd go back to the yellow envelopes and label the fronts.

In my system, I have well over 100 of these folders, categorized, labeled and color-coded to my liking. I don't see this method as being flexible enough.

If it works for you, that's great. But, frankly, it's not for me.

Anonymous said...

Discovering this system very late (thanks Unclutterer)
I use these plastic folders for storing some of my craft work and one big problem with them is that the fastening, whether a popper or a wrap-around-a-button string, catches on other folders when you want to slide them back on the shelf. Another irritation is that the flaps don't stay wide open so it helps to have three hands when putting papers in them.
Cutting the top off an envelope sounds so much easier, quicker and less expensive too. Once things have sat on the right for a while, then they can go into a plastic folder, but for current projects I'm going to try the envelopes.

Anonymous said...

I use the plastic project folders that have no fasteners..they're like file folders and open on the side (or the top if you get that kind). I like the various colors.