16 December 2005

Information design

Added another module to visual thinking school today:

Technological advances have an unintended consequence: while in many ways they make things easier, in other ways they make things more complicated and difficult to understand.

Information design is an emerging discipline focused on simplifying complexity through order and synthesis.

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Anonymous said...

How long does a discipline take to emerge, I wonder?
After teaching on BA (Hons) Graphic Information Design course at Harrow College of HE in London from 1980, I started and ran an information design BA(Hons) course in Falmouth, Cornwall between 1985 and 1993, and during that time I was a regular attender of the Information Design Conference, and a regular reader of Information Design Journal.It was pretty clear that there was an emerging discipline by the middle of the eighties. What happened in the meantime? I certainly wish we'd had resources like Communication NAtion and Squidoo back then!

Unknown said...


Some disciplines take quite a bit of time to emerge! I think information design is still defining itself. We'll know we have achieved something when comapnies have an "information design budget."