19 December 2005

Visual mapping

Visual mapping is a way to think through complex issues or solve problems that has several benefits:

1. It makes it easier to work creatively and collaboratively with a group.

2. It's non-linear, so you can work out complex hierarchies and relationships.

3. It allows you to see a whole issue, problem or plan, in its entirety and at a glance.

4. It helps you see patterns, relationships and dependencies that might otherwise remain hidden.

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1 comment:

Chris said...

I used a visual map most recently to determine how much it would cost my corporation to support a new customer with 20 million users. I drew all kinds of linking bubbles, showing the kinds of things we'd be doing in a day. When I was done, I spat out a dollar amount like Plinko. My VP wanted something more numerical. We worked a spreadsheet model for hours (which was really interesting and detailed, and I learned a lot).

When we were done? Same dollar amount. I just got there differently.